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Vacations in the Landes

Want to explore and discover a new region full of natural beauty, outdooractivities and culture? Look no further than France’s Landes region. With beautiful beaches, rolling hills and a temperate climate, the Landes is perfect for anyone looking for a short getaway or an extended vacation. Let’s take a look at what this region has to offer.

Between the beaches and forests of the Landes

The Landes region is located in southwest France, on the Atlantic coast. Ondres, where the Lou Pignada campsite is located, is a seaside town bordering a region just as touristy as the Landes: the Basque Country!

The Landes region is famous for its breathtaking beaches, lush green forests and pine trees, which are unique to this part of the country. Indeed, the Landes region forms a triangle some 220km long by 100km wide, and is mainly made up of a large forest. The Landes forest is one of the largest in Europe, mainly composed of maritime pines.

The Landes forest is a fragile ecosystem, frequently tested by intense storms and devastating fires. We therefore ask you to respect this natural environment.

With over 106 kilometers of sun-drenched Atlantic coastline, the 37 beaches of the Landes region are among Europe’s top destinations. Every summer, millions of people flock to these shores in search of aquatic bliss, blue skies and golden sand!

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An ideal destination for sports enthusiasts

For sports enthusiasts, the Silver Coast is the ideal destination!

The mild climate is ideal for outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, canoeing and surfing – popular activities with locals and tourists alike.

Cycling fans will be delighted in the Landes: it’s one of the three most popular activities, after lounging on the beach and hiking. With over 300 km of cycle paths and 1,700 km of routes for cyclists, the possibilities are endless! Enjoy a variety of landscapes as you pedal between sea and forest on a mountain bike or VTC (depending on track conditions). Or simply use two wheels to get from beach to beach, visiting markets and lakes without breaking a sweat!

What to do during your stay in the Landes?

With its rich natural, architectural and historical heritage, the Landes department has a wealth of sites to visit. The charming towns, resorts and villages that line the coast or nestle between the freshwater lakes all have their own character: among the must-sees are Hossegor which owes its unique atmosphere to the extravagant Basque-Landes villas built between the wars, opinions are unanimous about this Landes village.

Dax is a historic spa town. You can visit its astonishing Greek Revival cathedral, just 40 minutes from your campsite in the Landes. In a completely different style, don’t miss the medieval village of La-Bastide-d’Armagnac.

The richest natural sites also surround you: among them, the nature reserve of the Huchet current, the marais d’Orx, the la Prade pond in Messanges or the Aureilhan ponds near Mimizan, Biscarrosse and Parentis (Biscarrosse campsite), Cazaux and Sanguinet, and of course the immense Landes forest.

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